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Why join EBG | Community?

Informal experience exchange

You know all those big and small questions always popping up? Here you can ask peers and experts how they chose to solve the situation!

Always available

Whenever You have the time - drop by and ask a question or answer a question. You know that all who join share the same interests as you!

No secrets

The topics EBG | Network bring up are not secrets. All companies want to be good at managing spend, collaborating with suppliers and use cash the best way. In the EBG | Community all know that if you give you receive!

Bring colleagues together

An online community have no boundaries. And just as large companies are spread globally - EBG | Community enable your colleagues to come together too!

Avoid pitfalls

Thinking of implementing a technical solution? Changing operating model? You may want to learn from experts before you start - and your peers!

Find competences

Want to understand how to best grow your function and best drive company evolution - earn from others decisions!

The olympians

Learn a little more about Olympus and how we started

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Meet our Team

James Spiegel


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